It’s so sad that people can’t read the sadness in the other’s eyes

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So I haven’t posted on tumblr in forever and then all of a sudden my idol taylorswift pops up and causes a volcanic eruption on here like whoa and once again she inspires my life so I want to get on tumblr again. I always wanted to post to her on Instagram but then always got scared and never knew what to say because I have SO much I want to say to her. It’s crayyyyzeeee! I wish she knew. She still feels like my best friend even though I’ve never spoken to her. I keep wishing that one day I am able to. I know that she lives in Ny and somehow that makes her feel close yet so far. I know I am just one among millions and millions of fans. I am going to travel to Ny on October 5th to participate in the National Eating Disorders Association(NEDA) Sponsored Walk in Foley Square. I am walking for myself in recovery and all those struggling with the cruel disorder. Taylor helped me through treatment with her music and keeps me going on the hard days. I’ve heard Taylor’s apartment is in Tribeca and apparently that’s not too far from where the walk is being held. I keep wondering if maybe she gets word of it that she would stop by for a cause she supports. I am certainly a dreamer haha. taylorswift if you somehow, someway see this, I love you very much and hope to meet you one day. You bring me joy and keep my dreams alive. Thank you for making music and scattering kindness wherever you go. <3<3<3

Kevin Ryan + Karaoke

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"This slope is treacherous..."

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